Week Date Cost Notes
1 May 27-June 1 $899.00 Open for Boys, Open for Girls
2 June 3-8 $899.00 Open for Boys
3 June 10-15 $899.00 Open for Boys, Open for Girls
4 June 17-22 $899.00 Open for Boys
5 June 24-29 $899.00 Open for Boys, Open for Girls
6 July 1-6 $899.00
7 July 8-13 $899.00 Open for Boys
8 July 15-20 $899.00 Open for Boys, Open for Girls
9 July 22-27 $899.00 Open for Boys
10 July 29-August 3 $899.00 Open for Boys, Open for Girls
11 August 5-10 $899.00 Open for Boys, Open for Girls


Flip Fest is an eleven-week summer camp. You may choose to attend one or all of the following weeks:

We will apply a $50 discount for each additional week attended and a $50 discount for more than one child in the same family attending the camp. A $200 deposit is required PER SESSION. We will deduct the deposit from your child’s tuition balance. We take a limited number of campers each week, so be sure to register online early to ensure a space.

In order to register and create your own personal camper account, please register online

In an effort to continue the personalized service and unique camp experience of Flip Fest, we are limiting each week of camp to 260 campers. There will be no exceptions! By continuing to keep the camp this size per week, it allows us, our staff and our special guests more opportunity to give specialized attention to and work with each individual camper. If there is a week that you or your gym may be interested in, please let us know early in the season in order to guarantee your spot. Gyms from states that start school late in August or early September are encouraged to come to camp weeks 10, 11 or 12 as these are the weeks that many southern states are back in school.

Cancellation/Refund Policy

Final Camp Payment must be postmarked or made online on camper account by May 1st, 2017. If we do not receive your final payment by May 1, 2017, we may forfeit your spot to another camper. 

We will refund all payments except a $50 processing fee to campers who scan and email the Cancellation Notice Form to [email protected] BEFORE April 1, 2017. We will refund all payments except the $200 deposit to campers who scan and email the Cancellation Notice Form to [email protected] AFTER April 1, 2016. 
NO REGISTRATION AND CAMP FEES ARE REFUNDABLE WITHIN 14 DAYS OF CAMPER’S SESSION. We will not give refunds to any camper who withdraws anytime after arriving. We do not give discounts to any camper who arrives late or departs early. All campers must be covered by their own insurance.

Injury: For cancellation due to injury please attach a Doctor’s note to the cancellation notice documenting the injury. Payments that are nonrefundable in accordance to the cancellation policy will be credited for the following summer.